Client Case Study: Decker’s Jewelry and Pawn

Decker’s Jewelry and Pawn 

Meet the “Pawning Man.” Decker’s has been in business for more than 25 years in Columbia, SC.  

How does a small business stay in business? The answer is simple- change and adapt. Decker’s set themselves apart from the competitors by being the only pawn shop in town open seven days a week. In the digital age, there are a number of problems that can creep up on a small business owner. The Cyber Mavens have the solutions a business needs to keep the doors open for another 25 years. 


THE PROBLEM: Decker’s needed a new system to process payments, one with modern technological capabilities.  

Brandon was brought in for analysis. The shop had a custom created point-of-sale software system that was aging. It was difficult to perform upkeep on and did not offer a unified interface. Changes in scaling for touchscreen-capable computers were causing rendering issues on modern laptops. 

Another problem was the system’s setup of a proprietary client-server, limiting Decker’s to utilize Windows products solely. Limitations on upgrading hardware was a concern. The wide-range of options the Internet offers is something every business must have access to. 

The biggest problem Brandon found was the use of on-premise infrastructure, which exposed the client to increased risk. They would need to develop a proper security, backup and disaster recovery strategy. Today, every business requires remote access to their systems. Long gone are the days of running to the office to “flip a switch” and get things up and running. Instant access to all of the data saves time and money. 


THE SOLUTION: A Web-based Client, or as the Cyber Mavens like to say, “the only solution.” 

When a business switches to a web-based client, they can utilize any operating system or environment. Interfacing is much easier to provide. Access to data hosted on the Cloud provides the convenience Decker’s was lacking. Additionally, Brandon was able to provide responsive software that will interface with any new technology using a unified .NET environment along with An SQL Server database. Implementation is underway.